Our mission is to support customers’ business by offering quality and reliable solutions for the development of their IT structure.

Western European origin and good long-term business relationships in combination with experience to work with companies from the CIS and Europe lead to the fact that we have foreign customers.

Our feature is the combination of Nicotech Western corporate culture and creative approach to solving complex technological problems, discipline and ability to follow the rules of the customer's specifications and standards, competent project management in accordance with the principles of PMI.

International projects in the sphere of software development outsourcing

Historically, outsourcing for clients from Western Europe was the first focus of the company Nicotech. Developers of Nicotech were the first in Russia who are in the 1990s began creating industrial software for DB / 2 on the IBM iSeries for Western European customers. This allowed to accumulate a unique knowledge and experience in implementing large projects and their quality control, as well as to create a clear system of internal corporate standards.

Integrated solutions for office printing

Nicotech with partners provides the delivery and implementation of a wide range of specialized printer solutions. These solutions cover all printing problems in large offices. According to their importance to the business can be classified as follows:

  •  protection of information for office printing;
  • infrastructure management for office printing;
  • performance improving for printing;
  • printing special characters, special fonts, bar codes;
  • workflow automation;
  • specialized solutions.

As a member of the alliance of independent European Advanced Printing Solutions GmbH (APS) Nicotech implants world-class solutions and provides consulting and IT-services for printers and multifunction devices in Russia and Kazakhstan. The goal for an alliance is to create in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) network of highly qualified and independent software developers and distributors of solutions in the sphere of printing. Such a wide geographic presence allows providing the required level of service for branches of global corporations in different countries.

Information systems development and IT-consulting

The company supports the full cycle of creation enterprise information systems based on the use of modern standards and techniques. A wide range of competencies that our employees have allows us to offer to each customer an optimal solution based on the existing needs for business and IT-infrastructure, which reduces the overall cost of the proposed solutions and significantly reduces the risks of the project. Range of services can be quite different: software development, application integration and re-engineering of data systems, adaptation and localization of applications, technical support for legacy systems.

A full cycle of software development

Application Development in the company is using the latest technologies from leading software companies: Oracle, Microsoft, SUN, Business Object, and others. For effective exchange of information between the project team members in the company Nicotech established company-wide project repository, which includes project plans, system requirements, a database of defects, design and technical documentation. The information contained herein is available to the customer and he can take full control over the progress of the work.

Technical support of legacy systems

Daily technical support of information systems by own IT-staff, in some cases is extraneous task and does not allow the business to provide high quality support. Nicotech provides daily technical support for legacy information systems, which can free up the customer's own IT-staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

Adaptation and localization of applications

Tasks with adaptation and localization of information systems may arise as a consequence of structural change of business (merger or acquisition companies), and as a result of business development with access to new markets. Usually, the problem of adaptation and localization are disposable and for their decision not to increase the useful and not to distract their own IT-resources.

Re-engineering of information systems

In some cases, the need for re-engineering is caused by that the concept of an information system does not correspond to the changed business objectives of the enterprise. Typically, it is a volumetric multi-faceted project, the implementation of which is difficult with the forces of its own IT-staff only. At the same time, its own staff must take an active part in the re-engineering of the project at all stages, because in the end he will have to exploit the changed system. Nicotech provides services for the re-engineering of legacy systems, including the transfer to the new platform and database, localization information systems, in-depth re-engineering or a complete redesign of the business logic systems.

The integration of information systems

The company is working on the integration of heterogeneous information systems and applications as an already existing at the client hardware, system software and database, and on the basis of the newly created integration platform. Application development and integration of modules is provided by the integration of technologies and platforms from leading software companies: BM (WebSphere, WBI, MQ Series, Data Stage, CM), Oracle (DWH Builder, iAS) and Microsoft (SharePoint Portal).

Milestones in the history Nicotech

1991 - Founding of the staff of the AS USSR and other research centers by the students of Moscow's leading universities, the first implementation of joint projects for the Dutch company L + T Informatica in the automation of municipalities Netherlands;

1992 - Getting the status of IBM Business Partner in accordance with the program IBM's Partners for Development; the beginning of service outsourcing software development platform for IBM AS/400 Dutch Company L + T Informatica;

1995 - Geographic expansion of the business. Providing services outsourcing software development to other Dutch companies;

1997 - Getting the status of HP JetCAPS Partner and the beginning of service providing in the design, supply and implementation of specialized printer solutions to large corporate clients;

1997 - 1999 - Further geographic expansion of the business. Implementation of projects in Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland;

1999-2001 - Participation in major projects of solving the "Y2K" problem and the transfer of legacy information systems to payments in EURO;

2001 - The beginning of service providing for applied software development on the Russian market;

2004 - Starting of new directions: IT-consulting and service provision in the field of independent expertise of IT-projects for Russian companies and government organizations;

2006Nicotech started providing development services on SAP ERP platform;

2007 - Membership in the Advanced Printing Solutions GmbH (APS) - an alliance of independent European distributors and developers of software and hardware solutions, and professional services for office printing;

2008 - Introducing of a new business direction - Quality Assurance (QA);

2011 - 20th anniversary of Nicotech;

2012 - Nicotech announced it's own software product for print audit and document managment - PrintStat;

2013 - QA department started to provide testing services for external customers in Russia.

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