«Energoplan» development for ATS


Nicotech has successfully completed next phase of work aimed at improving performance and functionality of «The system of calculation of planned production and consumption of electric power wholesale market» (a system of «Energoplan»), which is one of the main components of an information system that provides the wholesale market power and capacity in Russia. Along with works aimed at improving the reliability and performance, Nicotech in the mode «hotline» provides services for continuous technical advice and information support system «Energoplan». 

«This project is one of the most complex and interesting in our portfolio, for the successful implementation of which we attracted the best, most professional staff with a high level of technological knowledge, as well as good mathematical training. The complexity and responsibility of the tasks to be accomplished within the project, as well as close, partnership with the project team of the customer is an additional motivating factor for our employees, which positively affects the overall efficiency of the work performed,» - says Nikolai Vasiltchenko, Director of Business Development, Nicotech. 

«During the project development of one of the key systems that provide the work of ATS, Nicotech confirmed its technological level and demonstrated the ability to efficiently solve complex applied tasks that require a fundamental mathematical knowledge, good competence in the development of corporate software and a high level of corporate culture of the project team. The close and productive interaction of the project teams on the part of the customer and contractor ensured positive results and we hope for further cooperation in the development of the Energoplan system, - comments Alexander Lashmanov, Deputy Chairman of the Board for Information Technologies, member of the Management Board of ATS.

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