Quality assurance process gets into all stages of the development of information systems. The main objectives of this process are to identify methods, integration of the testing process in the development and tools selection. 

QA specialists evaluate not only the completed system, but also the design documentation, which can detect errors before they are embedded into the code. We consider it fair that the sooner an error is detected, the cheaper it costs. 

Bugs found in the documentation are much easier to correct than the one that has already been included in the architecture or code. That is why testing should be started from the beginning of the project. 

Our company's specialists have the knowledge and experience that enables us to offer solutions to ensure the quality of any product. We provide services for all types of testing:

We also offer various approaches to cooperation. This can be a Team or a Project method of interaction. Additionally, you can choose on which side experts are should be placed.

Our experience allows us to provide training and consulting on testing and quality assurance.

The company's main policy is individual approach to each customer. We demonstrate sufficient flexibility in choosing of methods, technologies and tools for testing. We will do our best to meet your needs of product quality, considering your preferences and budget.


If you have any questions about our software testing services, please contact us by phone 499 500-38-29 or use email.

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