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The goal of any testing department is to ensure the quality of the product. Automation increases efficiency of testing, hence improves the quality of software. 

Usually, the products are developed in the company in the long term, and the system is growing due to the new functionality that needs to be constantly tested. 

Do not forget about the previously tested functionality. After making changes, it could be damaged. 

Regression testing is the best way to ensure the quality of the existing functional, which often becomes automated. 

Automation of functional testing can be applied at different levels. At the lower levels (unit and integration) automation is to write unit-tests, which are a kind of framework that allows running and testing procedures separately. 

Automation at a high level (system and acceptance) involves simulation of a real user manipulating with interface. Based on these interfaces you can select automation tool that can be applied to: 
  • Windows – interface;  
  • Web – interface; 
  • Web – services (simulated by the selected messaging protocol). 
Once we complete the analysis of your subject area we estimate labor costs, the cost for tools and implementation of development framework, so after that you will consider the need of automation. 

Within automation project we go through the following steps:

The purpose of automation is to improve the efficiency of the testing process by releasing of specialists involved in regression testing. Conducted an automatic way tests require less human resources, hence, cheaper. Also, the human factor is eliminated.

The results of our work are:

When considering the automation it is worth to remember about the cost of implementation. Most of the tools are not freeware, in addition, labor costs are required to write the test and maintain their relevance. To find a balance between manual and automated testing of your product - that is our goal. 

The tools used to automate the testing will depend on the architectural features of your product, the proposed budget already used means and on the availability of agreements with software for testing. 

Our specialists have great experience in software testing and automation with using following products:


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