The practical experience and a reliable theoretical basis allow us to train specialists in the area quality assurance. 

We offer customized training programs based on the level of initial training of your specialists. 

The initial course «Induction to Software Testing» is very popular today, it introduces the basics of profession to people who have decided to become specialists in the area of software testing. 

The structure of the course «Induction to Software Testing»
  • goals and objectives of testing; 
  • tester's place in the life cycle of software development; 
  • quality assurance in the development of various techniques; 
  • organization of the testing process; 
  • test management; 
  • maintaining test documentation; 
  • analysis of test results; 
  • preparation of visual reports of software quality. 
Our course «Induction to Software Testing» will allow you to get all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills in software testing so you will be able to make a final choice in favor of a profession expert on software quality. 

The progress in testing area has led to a number of different possibilities in testing automation. One of the areas of testing, which are used extensively automated tests is functional regression testing. If the product have rarely changing parts, but they are critical and requiring a large number of checks, there is necessary to create test automation framework. This is what the course «Automating functional testing» is devoted to. 

The structure of the course «Automating functional testing»
  • goals and objectives of test automation; 
  • method of constructing an effective process automation; 
  • review and tools selection of automation; 
  • the selection of automation, the depth of test coverage; 
  • developing automation frameworks; 
  • documenting the process automation; 
  • method of developing automated test scripts; 
  • report generation and analysis of test results. 
This course will be of interest to specialists in testing with experience of work and seeking to improve testing efficiency of their products, as well as explore the work produced by the application under load. Definition of boundaries for performance of any application is often a very critical task, especially when it comes to large numbers of users or amount of data being processed. 

Training in our company conduct experts in testing, knowledge of which are backed by extensive practical experience. The material of the course contains a lot of the information obtained and verified in our daily work. This is not just a theory; this is the basis that we use every day.
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