Software development

Niсoteсh provides professional services in software development. Our company supports the full cycle of corporate information systems based on modern standards and methodologies adopted in the sector, including:

1. Pre-business survey;

2. Development of requirements;

3. Analysis and design of the system;

4. Software development;

5. Output testing;

6. Introduction;

7. Warranty and after sales technical support.

The company has more than 20 years of experience in software development. A wide range of competencies that are our staff, allows each customer to offer the optimum solution based on business needs and existing IT infrastructure had. Considerable experience in the development implementation and support of corporate systems at various levels, which have members of our company, helps to reduce the overall cost of the proposed solutions for a substantial reduction in project risk.

Our design team can strictly follow certain customer specifications and internal corporate standards, to implement projects within the contract terms and within budget at the optimum price/quality. The company at all stages of the life cycle of projects is provided by the professional level of project management is carried out continuous monitoring and management of changes in the project. The quality of projects is ensured by strict adherence to internal corporate standards and rules that underlie the intra-system quality.

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