Nicotech quality management system (QMS) is a set of processes to ensure product quality and on-time product delivery. This system is continuously enhanced through regular internal audits, project audits, implementation of the best practices throughout the organization and client feedback analysis that facilitates the company’s collaborative style of work. For our customers that means that all software and services we provide are controlled and our products comply with industry best practices and quality standards.

Quality Assurance in Nicotech is a multi-level quality control system which consists of three main parts:

1. Development Quality Control;

2. Output product Quality Control;

3. QA project environment support.

Development Quality Control

To guaranty high quality of software it is very important to control development process using set of techniques/methods:

1. Our development process complies with software development standards for every technology domain. These standards are based on the best industrial standards or standards of our clients;

2. Project development team leader makes permanent code review during development process;

3. Project software development team makes internal testing of the product (version of the product) before output testing by the QA subdivision, using Unit test development and Rotating table practice;

4. Software development process is thoroughly documented. There are many types of technical documentation such as: Functional design, Technical design, ER-diagram, Class tree description, UML schemas and so on).

Output product Quality Control

A crucial part of QMS is software testing procedure. All software and other products are subjected to independent internal testing. Nicotech has testing department which makes output control of the products (software, user documentation, help documentation, training courses and so on). Testing process consists of the following stages:

1. Test plan development based on functional and technical requirements;

2. Test cases development;

3. Initial test data generation;

4. Software testing itself (manual or automated, using special testing tools like Rational Test Suite);

5. Bug set analysis, bug fix planning and request for bug fixing;

6. Bug fixing control after correction;

7. Product release permission.

Our testing department provides functional and technical testing of software components, makes final system testing and regression testing if it is necessary in the project.

QA project environment support

It is very important for product quality to have set of project environment components:

1. Tools - the company uses set of instruments which has dramatic influence on product quality such as;

2. Staff recruiting;

3. Standards;

4. Project quality management.

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