Functional testing

The basis for the functional testing is the knowledge about the behavior of the system. The behavior of the system in the context of its functionality is described in the project documentation.

The main target of a QA specialist during functional testing is to establish a correspondence between the description of the system and its actual behavior.

To gain knowledge about the system and its expected behavior is used the design documentation: technical specification, a description of the problem, functional design, requirements, user stories, use cases.

We provide all the developed documents that describe the process and the results of testing:

Usually, a set of functional tests is growing from build to build and common solution in this case is to automate regression testing.

The distinctive feature of our company is a flexible approach in the selection of tools of automation the process of quality assurance. We can pick up the scheme of integration, based on the value of your preference and partnership agreements, or based on tools that already in use in your company.

Our specialists have great experience in functional testing software with the products:

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