Performance testing

Increasing the number of users and the amount of data processed raises the question of stability of the application under load. Performance testing explores this problem in different aspects, allowing to find the bottlenecks of the system, which can cause it to become unstable or even failure. 

The complex of the performance testing can predict the occurrence of problems and to plan methods of prevention. An example is the products developed for territorially distributed enterprises. It is always possible to evaluate risks for the stability of the system to which you connect the new branch.

Performance testing can not only track the performance of a loaded of the whole system, but also helps to give recommendations for optimization of specific modules.

Depending on the characteristics of investigated system performance testing classified into several types: 

At the initial stage of testing objectives are clarified, then select the types of testing. After the preparation we will choose load model and then we decide which tools set we will use to automate performance testing. 

Our specialists have great experience in software testing and automation with using following products:

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