Variants of cooperation

Our company offers two types of cooperation in rendering of the services for software testing: 

  • project agreed in advance with a fixed amount of work; 
  • provision of resources (specialists QA) in the customer's project team. 

If the Customer has no long-term projects for the development, it makes sense to use a project-based approach to quickly provide the required level of quality of the product developed. This approach does not require the creation of a special team at the Customer software testers. 

If you are developing several software products or products have a very large life cycle and constantly updating, it makes sense to create a dedicated team working in the QA area. The main advantage of this approach is that the knowledge of your subject area for all members of the team is growing by the day. Due to the accumulated knowledge, each subsequent project requires smaller and smaller costs of preparing for the test. 

When ordering services from Nicotech, you do not need to worry about the formation of your own team: no need to select and train specialists, buy equipment and software for managing test environments. We will care of the management of personnel and equipment. You can only assign tasks to ensure the quality of developed software and monitor the results of the work. 

Variants of staff placement 

Both approaches have two options for placement of specialists: 

  • On the customer side: 

All specialists may be located (fully or partially) in the office of the Customer for more effective interaction with other members of the project team. This allows you to quickly immerse themselves in the subject area and to establish better communication with everyone who responsible for the quality of the product.

  • On the side of the Executive (Nicotech): 

All specialists involved in the process of software testing, most of the time spending in our office and visit the Customer only if necessary during the initial design phase of the project and for regular project meetings. With this approach, you don't have to worry about placing additional staff in your office.

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